Students listen attentively to a lecturer.

In CoreFSU, students explore important issues in a variety of fields of study. As students move through CoreFSU, they learn new ways to communicate, reason, analyze, and engage with the world.

CoreFSU includes introductory, advanced, and experiential courses that span a student’s time at FSU. It lays the foundation for student success by introducing ideas, approaches, and skills that will be expanded upon while at FSU and later in life.

Learning is not limited to the classroom. Engaging with ideas and theories is an important part of any collegiate experience. Hands-on opportunities give students a chance to test drive ideas from class, and prepare graduates to think on their feet as they solve the wicked problems facing the world today.


To provide a broad and interdisciplinary educational foundation for FSU students focused on the intellectual, practical, social, and ethical capacities essential for leading productive, engaged, and enlightened lives.