Curriculum Overview

CoreFSU includes nearly 900 courses offered across the institution, including three “hands-on” opportunities — Formative Experiences, Scholarship in Practice courses, and Natural Science Lab.

Students are encouraged to look at the offerings and select courses that not only fulfill graduation and general education requirements, but also allow them to explore ideas and concepts that are professionally or personally interesting to them.

Advisors can explore with students how courses and experiences build and contribute to students’ intellectual growth across different groupings. You may discuss what lessons students have learned across different courses, what similarities they have found among classes in one grouping or another, and how the courses they’ve taken over multiple semesters have tied together.

Note to Instructors: Please find additional resources for developing CoreFSU courses here.

Note to Students: Please contact your advisor with any questions. You can find your advisor using the Advisor Search tool. The Office of CoreFSU does not provide student advising.

General Education Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Grade Note: No courses taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) basis may apply to the CoreFSU requirement, with the exception that a single course that counts as a designated Formative Experience may be awarded an S/U grade.