CoreFSU is a collection of courses and experiences curated by the student and their advisor that stimulates analyzing, problem solving, reasoning, communicating, and engaging skills. it is a cohesive model that helps students make sense of their collegiate career by reinforcing the relationship between classes, experiences, and learning.

In CoreFSU, students explore important issues in a variety of fields of study. They learn how different disciplines form questions and how they go about answering them. As students move through CoreFSU, they learn new ways of analyzing, solving problems, reasoning, communicating, and engaging with the world.



English Composition (2)
Writing/E-Series (2)
Upper Division Writing
Oral Communication Competency



Quantitative and Logical Thinking
Natural Sciences



Social Sciences
Humanities and Cultural Practice
Digital Literacy



Diversity (2)
Civic Literacy
Formative Experience
Scholarship in Practice
Natural Science Lab

A mix of introductory and advanced courses along with experiences, CoreFSU runs throughout a student’s time at Florida State. In addition to general education courses typically taken in the first two years, CoreFSU addresses other essential abilities FSU faculty believe students should master, such as writing, public speaking, and digital literacy. CoreFSU lays the foundation for a student’s major by introducing ideas, approaches, and skills that will be expanded upon in advanced courses. In fact, some CoreFSU requirements, like Upper-Division Writing, are integrated into the major and take place later in the student’s FSU career.

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