Changes to Statewide Core Fall 2024

Below are the upcoming changes to the Statewide Core effective Fall 2024:

These changes will be reflected on the Find a CoreFSU Course page beginning Fall 2024.

Quantitative and Logical Thinking - Revised

Must complete one of the following:

  • MAC1105 College Algebra
  • MAC2311 Calculus
  • MGF1130 Mathematical Thinking
  • STA2023 Statistical Methods
  • A mathematics course for which one of the above general education courses is a direct prerequisite.

Natural Sciences - Add

  • GLY2010 Introduction to Geology (Physical Geology)
  • OCE1001 Introduction to Oceanography (Elementary Oceanography)

Social Sciences

  • Add - AMH2010 A History of the United States to 1877
  • Remove - SYG1000 Introduction to Sociology
Restrictions regarding MGF1130/1131 and MGF1106/1107:

As we transition to offering MGF 1130 (in place of MGF 1106) and MGF 1131 (in place of MGF 1107) beginning this Summer 2024, below are a few reminders/updates that you might find helpful:

  • MGF 1130 will count as a state-wide CORE quantitative course. MGF 1131 will not count as a CORE course, but can be used to fulfill the 2nd Gen Ed quantitative course.
  • MGF 1107 was taught for the last time in Spring 2024.  MGF 1106 will be taught for the last time in Summer A 2024.
  • MGF 1130 will be offered every term beginning in Summer B 2024. MGF 1131 will be offered for the first time in Spring 2025.
  • Beginning Summer 2024, any test or transfer credit that comes in as MGF 1106 will be automatically converted to MGF 1130 and anything that comes in as MGF 1107 will automatically be converted to MGF 1131. 
  • The Math Department will do internal checks during Drop/Add to ensure students are not registering for duplicate credit if they already have credit for MGF 1106 and/or MGF 1107, and are trying to take MGF 1130 or MGF 1131.