Course Approval Process: Overview

CoreFSU Course Approval Process


Timing Your Curricular Request

Due to the volume of curricular requests that must be processed through university systems, requests can take up to a year to process. These guidelines will help you plan ahead so your course has the best chance of being approved and ready for students to enroll when registration opens for the desired effective semester.

  • Before submitting a course approval request in the Curriculum Request Application (CRA), please ensure that the request has completed all notification and approval requirements for your department and college. Each unit has its own timeline and process for requests.
  • Once a request has department/college approval and is entered in the CRA, the Office of CoreFSU can begin processing the request.
  • It is best to submit your request as soon as possible to allow reasonable processing time of the request before the desired effective term.

While the Office of CoreFSU cannot guarantee any effective term, the above recommendations were developed in an effort to meet faculty expectations. The earlier the request, the best chance of it being approved in time for course registration. The approval process timeline is dependent upon unit responses to requested revisions and other communication.

If you are interested in becoming a faculty reviewer for CoreFSU courses, please contact Kestrel Strickland.

CoreFSU Course Approval Process