Objective-Assessment Table

The objective-assessment table is an appendix to the syllabus that should link each CoreFSU learning objective to a course assessment. Identify specific course assessments (assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.) and associated evaluation/grading criteria that provide evidence of students having achieved the student learning objectives associated with each applicable CoreFSU area.

[The table below includes space for two CoreFSU objectives. Please include all of the CoreFSU learning objectives for each requested CoreFSU area.]

Learning Objective Assessment Evaluation Criteria
CoreFSU Objective #1 Assessment 1

Evaluation Criteria 1

[grading rubric or set of criteria]

CoreFSU Objective #2 Assessment 2

Evaluation Criteria 2

[grading rubric or set of criteria]

[Below is a completed example table for the Social Science designation.]

Learning Objective Assessment Evaluation Criteria

Discuss the role of social factors in contemporary

problems or personal


Effects of Cultural Capital on Social Mobility (Essay)

Essay Rubric

Analyze claims about social


Causes of Social Deviance (Literature Review)

Literature Review Rubric