How to Submit a Curricular Request

Using the Curricular Request Application (CRA)

Note: The language in the CRA refers to CoreFSU as Liberal Studies. When submitting a request for CoreFSU approval, note that all of the language will read Liberal Studies instead of CoreFSU during our transition to CoreFSU.

All curricular requests are submitted and processed using the Curricular Request Application. Our YouTube Channel offers a variety of tutorials that will walk you through the basic steps of submitting a request. The following videos outline how to access the system and fill out the forms as needed to submit a request.

The CoreFSU (Liberal Studies) Course Submission Training Canvas Org is a self-paced course intended to help faculty and staff familiarize themselves with the process of preparing and submitting a course for CoreFSU approval.

Additionally, the Office of Distance Learning provides a helpful guide here that answers commonly asked questions about navigating the CRA.

If you have any questions about submitting a curricular request for a CoreFSU course, please contact Kestrel Strickland for assistance.